Social Security

Maximize Your Benefit

Social Security benefits are an important aspect to any well-conceived retirement plan. The program isn’t as simple as it may first appear, and there are important decisions that must be made to maximize your benefits. Timing is everything, and one badly timed move could cost you thousands in the long run. At Legacy Planning Group, we recommend you research the program to determine how to maximize your benefit. Of course, we have years of experience with Social Security planning and we're here to help.


When To Collect

Certain decisions regarding Social Security should be addressed as soon as you begin to plan your retirement. One of the most critical is when to start collecting your benefits. The amount of your monthly benefit depends directly upon your age when you begin to collect. In other words, the older you are when you begin to receive benefits, the greater the amount of monthly benefits you'll receive. Of course, this decision depends heavily on how much you've saved and how long you plan to continue working.

Experience That Works For You

Other decisions, such as how long you'd like to remain an active member of the workforce, how much you'll work once you've started receiving social security benefits, and when your spouse should begin receiving benefits, should all be made with as much research and information as possible. The wrong decision could prove to be quite costly. At Legacy Planning Group, we deal with these issues every day, and our experienced staff will help you maximize your benefits to get the most out of your Social Security and your retirement.