What We Do Makes Us Unique

We act on our clients' behalf and in their best interests. Your financial well-being is our top priority. Our seven-step process allows us to better understand our client in order to recommend and implement a plan that is tailored to their specific needs.

Our Process

The Step by Step Of What We Do


During the first stage of our process, we gather all the basic information regarding your current financial situation. This information includes your age, current life stage (retired, working), assets and liabilities, pensions and benefits, Social Security benefits, dependents, household income, tax rate, inheritance and other cash infusions, life insurance in force, long-term care insurance needs, life expectancy, health, and more.


Define Goals

In this step, LPG deepens our understanding of our client’s goals. Our client is asked to describe what their desired retirement will look like. This discussion should include the age at which you would like to retire and the amount of income needed to support your retirement goal. We recommend making the boldest plan for retirement in this step — we can always reduce expectations if your retirement assets are unable to support your plan. This happens in the following steps.


Evaluate Risk

The risk evaluation step is taken to determine whether too much or too little risk can potentially derail your retirement goals. We utilize Morningstar analytical tools to perform a detailed analysis of your current portfolio’s risk level and Riskalyze to determine your maximum personal risk tolerance. These powerful software programs are the tools we utilize to evaluate the correlation between your current portfolio risk level and your personal risk tolerance.


Probability Analysis

Unlike many advisors, who use simple, straight-line average annual return projections to determine the longevity of your assets, we perform a  Monte Carlo probability analyses to determine best case/worst case investment and likely case scenarios. This analysis gives us your probability of achieving your retirement goals. If the probability is below 90%, we need to reevaluate your retirement age, income distribution level and saving rate. Taking our time in this section will define if you are on track already or what is needed to get on track to have the best possible retirement. 



The four steps leading to the proposal have laid the groundwork for what comes next; you already know what is necessary to achieve the retirement goal. The proposal simply determines how to proceed with the plan and whether LPG will have the honor of walking you through the remaining steps.



Implementation is a simple process and will be completed quickly. Once you've decided to implement your plan with Legacy Planning Group, we open managed accounts, roll assets over into the new accounts, and allocate your portfolio to follow the new investment plan.



The first account review will occur upon the transfer of funds into your new accounts. After the initial review, follow-up reviews will occur as often as quarterly to assess risk tolerance and strategy. Our account managers monitor accounts daily and optimize accordingly. Allocation changes are handled on a discretionary basis on our clients' behalf.

Professional Assistance

Enlisting LPG’s experienced professionals and going through our seven step process will result in a plan that provides peace of mind, virtually eliminates the possibility of costly mistakes, and ensures that your plan remains up-to-date and within your risk tolerance. In short, we do the work so you don’t have to.

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