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    The Fiduciary Difference

    We are a financial advisory firm located in Draper, Utah. Every decision we make is governed by our fiduciary duty to you, the client. At Legacy Planning Group, we put your needs ahead of our own. We provide complete transparency in our management process.

    LPG Team

    Our experienced team of financial advisors work with you individually to build a customized financial strategy designed to help preserve and grow your assets.

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    LPG Difference

    We are a Utah based, registered advisor acting solely on your behalf. Every decision is made in your best interest. 

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    LPG Process

    We take a multi-step process with each client. From discovery to implementation, your financial well-being is our #1 priority.

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  • Retirement Workshop

    Learn The Essentials in this Workshop

    The workshop is designed to give you new insights into proper planning prior to or during your retirement years. If you have been concerned about the new presidential cycle, Social Security benefits, stock market volatility, proper estate planning, or retirement planning, attending this seminar will be quite beneficial. Our educational seminars are designed to be clear, concise and easy to understand. We are committed to offering a more comprehensive list of topics and seminar locations than any other local planning firm.

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