Client Risk Assessment

Legacy Planning Group's primary objective with its tactical asset management strategy is minimizing risk for our clients. Every client is different, therefore we utilize the latest risk assessment software from Riskalyze to help our clients determine their risk tolerance or risk threshold.


Current Portfolio Risk Assessment: or Assessing Current Portfolio’s Risk Level

For our prospective clients, we perform a detailed analysis of their current investments using Morningstar analytical tools. This powerful software objectively dissects the client’s portfolio to determine its historical level of risk. The use of this data helps the client to understand the potential risks associated with their portfolio and how they may be impacted in the future. The goal with this step is to determine if the current portfolio’s risk level matches the client’s risk tolerance. It they do not match, LPG will make a recommendation that will more closely align the client's risk tolerance to a tailored portfolio with similar risk characteristics.


Risk-Based Portfolio Recommendation

LPG has *tactical asset management models tailored to differing levels of risk. We recommend a model to our client that closely matches their personal risk score. 

Separately Managed Accounts

LPG does not commingle  client assets with any other client. Our client’s assets are held in their own personal account and all investments are listed clearly on their account statements.

LPG is an Asset Manager. We allocate our clients assets based on the client’s risk score. We are not the custodial firm, meaning we do not physically hold client assets. We utilize custodial brokerage firms including Bank of New York (Pershing), Fidelity Investments, and Charles Schwab to hold our clients' assets. In addition, clients who own variable annuities can have their assets managed by LPG. LPG is a third-party money manager for many of the variable annuity companies including Jackson National Life, Transamerica, Nationwide, Axxa Equitable and AIG. If you have accounts with these firms, or others not listed, they can be managed by LPG.

*Tailored Portfolios

LPG’s Tailored Portfolios are designed to keep potential losses within the client’s risk tolerance range. For example, if a client cannot tolerate a risk of losing more than 15% (temporary 15% portfolio loss), we have a tailored portfolio that has a high probability of not exceeding this level of loss even in the most extreme economic environments. 


LPG is a fee-based asset management firm with a fiduciary responsibility to do what is in the best interest of our clients. There is no financial reward to recommend investment changes within your portfolio. Every investment transaction is made because we believe it is in the best interest of our client. Our clients can rest assured that when we reallocate their personal portfolio to a capital preservation (very conservative) allocation, it is because we feel the risks in the economy are too high to keep our clients exposed to undue levels of risk.

Our fee schedule is based on client asset levels; the higher the level of assets, the lower the management fee. For a quote, please contact us directly.

 * Legacy Planning Group's Tailored Portfolio Models are offered to Advisory Clients only

Investing Done Right

Legacy Planning Group’s risk-based approach to asset management can be described simply; we allocate assets with a focus on growth when the economy is strong and allocate assets with a focus on capital preservation when the economy is weak. We analyze the economy and the market on a daily basis to determine how our clients' assets should be allocated. Our clients can be more relaxed knowing their assets are being monitored on their behalf.

To learn more about risk based asset management, please attend one of our upcoming events where we go into detail about this and many other services that you may find valuable.